Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy aide in alleviating muscular tension, promote relaxation, improve circulation and overall well-being.

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Intro Massage Therapy Special

Introductory Massage Therapy Examination will include a thorough examination with treatment to follow

The first massage will consist of a brief history taking and discussion of pain points and problematic areas. Our registered massage therapists will seek to provide you the most comforting and relaxing massage catered to your liking.

Our clinic provides direct billing to all major insurance companies, so you may not have to pay out of pocket.

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What is Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy refers to various hands-on manual techniques used by skilled Massage Therapists to aide in alleviating muscular tension, promote relaxation, improve circulation and overall well-being. These techniques include kneading, manipulating muscle tissue, soft tissue facial release.

Various Massage Techniques We Offer

What Can Massage Therapy Help With

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Improved Mobility

Massage therapy assists in the ability to move better, feel more flexible and improve general range of motion

Decreased Muscular Tension

Massage therapy can help in releasing tension from muscles that are being overwork or muscles that often sit in the same positions (ie: sitting desk job)

Pain Relief

Pain, often muscle or joint pain originates from lack of movement and blood flow to a region. Massage assists in improved mobility, range of motion and blood flow, thus reducing pain.

Improve Circulation

Massage therapists do various superficial and hands on techniques to improve blood flow to affected areas.

Stress/Anxiety Relief

Simply placing an individual in the right environment is often the first step to relieve stress and anxiety. Our massage therapists complete all treatments in private quiet rooms that are welcome, warm, and relaxing. They than use various massage techniques geared uniquely to each individual to provide the most comfortable and custom massage experience.

Improve Posture

Massage therapy helps improve joint motion and relax all surrounding muscles. Good posture is crucial to optimal function. For those individuals who have poor posture our massage therapists gear these treatments for those regions of the body most affected by poor posture.

In many instances a combination of various treatment(s) may provide the best outcomes, which may include: Physiotherapy, Chiropractic Care, Dry Needling/ Acupuncture, Custom Bracing for affected joints, Cupping or Kinesiotaping.